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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Birthday Cake Catch Up - featuring Paw Patrol, Postman Pat, a garden and a puppy

It's almost February already! It's been a while since my last blog post, and I have lots of news and cake pictures to share. It's been a very busy time in the kitchen, with plenty of corporate orders for Christmas keeping me busy throughout December, as well as my regular work for the two lovely cafes I supply in Hammersmith. January has been a busy time for birthday cakes, and I have been working with a new partner at their beautiful party venue in Ealing. More news on this to follow in my next post!

For now, here are some of my cakes from the last few weeks:

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sweet Treats for Halloween

Half term week has just flown by in a whirlwind of dancing and baking madness. My daughter was competing in a dance festival which took up most of the day time hours, and I had a few exciting cake orders to fill the rest of my time. One of the orders was for my lovely customer at the Lilac Pages, who was hosting one of her fabulous parties to celebrate Halloween. As ever she sourced some fantastic goodies online to decorate her house and feed/entertain her little guests. She has kindly sent me some photos of my cupcakes, cake pops and cookies, but it is worth visiting her blog to see pictures of the rest of her decorations too. 

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Science Party Goodies

I loved making this science themed cake, with its bubbling beakers of brightly coloured chemicals. I used a Rice Krispie treat recipe to model my beakers, and covered them in sugarpaste, which worked well and was surprisingly quick.

I also made lime macarons and cake pops for the party, which were displayed alongside petri dish jellies, test tubes full of jelly beans and flasks of juice. Happy birthday Amelia, I hope you had a fabulous day!

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

An Intergalactic Celebration

I have been sent some gorgeous photographs of the goodies I made for a space themed party recently. The party host has written a post on her blog, The Lilac Pages, but has kindly allowed me to use her fabulous pictures here as well. I love the way she has displayed the cupcakes and cookies on her home made props, all beautifully hand crafted.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Halloween will bring, as there is another party being planned!

Monday, 10 August 2015

Hand painted Lowry birthday cake

My dad was a big LS Lowry fan, and I remember there were prints of his paintings hanging on our walls when I was a child. I was delighted to be asked to make a cake featuring one of his works, though a little worried about painting all those tiny figures that filled the streets in the paintings I was familiar with. I had to find one that didn't have too many millions of figures in it, or copy a detail rather than a whole painting. 

Unfortunately I didn't make a note of the name of the painting I chose. I have lost a few figures along the way, mainly because it was a very labour intensive cake to work on and time was running out, but also because I needed much smaller paintbrushes to achieve anything like a good likeness of the smaller figures. This was a fairly large cake, but still a small 'canvas' for any tiny painted detail. I have new paintbrushes now though, and would love to have another go some time!

Viewed from above as it is, this doesn't particularly look like a cake, but it is, I promise.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Frozen in Summer

I have two new Frozen cake designs to add to my collection, one of which is perfect for Frozen fans celebrating summer birthdays. I'm afraid that I haven't managed to watch the film in it's entirety, but I gather that poor old Olaf actually likes a bit of sunshine, so here is my 'Olaf in Summer' cake.

For those that prefer the cold, I give you my Frozen ice palace:

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Lime and Coconut Loaf Cake

Having neglected my poor blog for a few weeks I think it is time to share a recipe with you. Here is one for a lovely zesty loaf cake that I sometimes make for the gorgeous Drink Me Eat Me cafe in Hammersmith. They have a great selection of cakes as well as frozen coffee and frozen yoghurt - perfect in this scorching weather. 

Lime and Coconut Loaf Cake

135g unsalted butter, softened
180g caster sugar
2 large eggs, beaten
zest of 2 large limes
150g self raising flour
35g desiccated coconut
5 tbsp milk (substitute for coconut milk if preferred)
juice of 2 large limes (approx. 4 tbsp)
100g icing sugar

Preheat the oven to 160°c (fan oven).

Cream together the softened butter and caster sugar, until pale. Slowly add the beaten egg, a little at a time, as well as the lime zest. Fold in the sifted flour and coconut, and finally add the milk or coconut milk.

Spread the mixture evenly into the prepared tin and bake for approximately 50 minutes. Test the cake by inserting a thin skewer or cake tester into the middle. It is ready when the skewer comes out clean.

Five minutes before the cake is due to come out of the oven warm the lime juice and the icing sugar in a small saucepan, until all of the sugar has dissolved. As soon as the cake is baked, use your skewer to make small holes all over the top of the cake and pour the syrup over. Leave to cool before removing from the tin.