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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Iced Easter Biscuits and Jammie Dodgers

Our kids had already been given so much chocolate by the time our Easter Sunday BBQ and egg hunt came around that I thought I'd make some biscuits to hide in the garden, just to mix things up a bit!

I used the 'simple butter biscuit' recipe from my brilliant Biscuiteers book and my new cutters from the local pound shop (an absolute bargain). The book includes several biscuit recipes, many beautifully photographed pages of decorated biscuits and some very user friendly instructions. There is a biscuit design for every occasion!

My chicks and bunnies were a hit with the kids and there was enough dough left to make some jammie dodgers too. The book calls them linzer biscuits (as sold in Costa), but the kids were very excited by home made jammie dodgers so we'll stick to that.


  1. Viennese fingers aside, I have yet to successfully produce decent biscuits. Either my hands or my counter are too warm and the dough ends up getting stuck, before I lose patience & fling the lot in the bin.
    Would the jammy dodgers work with a caramel filling, do you think?

  2. Those Linzer biscuits were sublime! Best jammy dodgers ever. Cath x