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Friday, 29 July 2011

Forever Nigella #7 - Iced Dreams: London Cheesecake

I would love to participate in this event by making one of Nigella's ice creams, but unfortunately there is barely room in the freezer for a Cornetto never mind a whole tub of the good stuff. However an invite to a friend's BBQ last weekend presented a perfect opportunity to knock up one of my favourite Nigella chilled desserts instead, her lovely London cheesecake.

As far as I can tell this receipe is foolproof. I have made it many times and not experienced a disaster yet. In fact I dread to think how many slices of this I have eaten in the last few years. Best not to think about these things probably. The recipe comes from Domestic Goddess, but Nigella has kindly published it online as well:


The cheesecake is lovely on its own, but I have added a few raspberries to mine for a more summery taste. These would also have worked well as a coulis drizzled on top.

Forever Nigella #7 is hosted by Arthi at Soul Curry, with the homepage belonging to Maison Cupcake. Pay them a visit to see more chilled and frozen Nigella treats.


  1. My freezer is chockablock right now too! I've always meant to make this cheesecake, it looks wonderful and I could serve it some of my home grown raspberries (that are filling my freezer!).
    Thanks for taking part in Forever Nigella!

  2. Oh my! This looks so delicious. Like Sarah, I've always meant to make this cheesecake, and after seeing this, I have to make it real soon.

  3. This looks absolutely stunning- beautiful photographs Lucy. I must give it a go- you've sold it to me!