home made cakes for special days and elevenses

Monday, 22 August 2011

A Birthday Cake for the Cricket Season

Our friend Joe recently turned 40 and celebrated with a lovely party in his parents' garden, complete with 'barn cricket'. It rained on and off, but that didn't stop the party, or the cricket.  Joe, his brother and my husband have played cricket together for many years and now the children are following suit. They also love to go and watch their dads play, and seem not to notice that the dads are moving a little slower these days.

Joe' s wife, Amy, asked me to make this cricket cake for the party to celebrate Joe's love of the game. I'm still pretty slow with the figures and this cricketer must have taken me about two hours. I'm not sure how much he looks like Joe, but he is wearing the green cap of Turnham Green Cricket Club, which is the most important thing.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Apple and Blackberry Crumble

When I picked the kids up from their grandparents a few days ago they presented me with two tubs of blackberries and announced that they wanted apple and blackberry crumble for tea. Their purple moustaches told me they had already eaten enough for one day, but the next day I delivered. I used a combination of Granny Smiths and Gala apples given the lack of apple trees in our garden and Bramleys in the local shop. They hold their shape much better than a cooking apple and actually I prefer them in a crumble for this reason.

I can't tell you eaxactly how much fruit we used but it was roughly one ice cream tub full of blackberries and probably five apples. I softened these in a pan with some sugar before transferring to a baking dish. I used Delia's crumble recipe from 'Complete Cookery Course', but with an ounce less sugar and a few ground almonds in addition. I then sprinkled the top with flaked almonds and baked for half an hour. It was lovely with double cream but would have been so much better with some Cornish clotted cream. Maybe next time!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Peppa Pig's Picnic

At last, an opportunity to make a Peppa Pig birthday cake. Peppa and George love a good picnic, so that's what they've got on top of this cake. Happy birthday Suzanna.