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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Printed Logo Cupcakes for a Corporate Branding Event

I finish work early on a Friday to do the school run, so I unfortunately missed out on the party corporate branding event that took place in our staff room last week. I did contribute by making some cupcakes complete with company logo, but sadly missed the fancy dress arm wrestling.

I ordered the printed icing discs online from Cakes Crazy and was very impressed by the quality of the print, as well as the speed of delivery. The arrived the next day! The logo was printed onto wafer thin discs of icing that need to be stuck onto fondant icing discs. This needs a bit of foresight as the discs need at least one night to dry out before use, to stop them going floppy. I panicked intially when I couldn't remove the discs from the backing sheet but the Cakes Crazy website had some very good tips for this, and all was well in the end. Printed icing is never going to be a budget option, but for a corporate event I think it is very effective.

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