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Friday, 23 September 2011

Random Recipes #8 - Dan Lepard's Blueberry Almond Bars

This month Dom at Belleau Kitchen has challenged those of us with piles of recipes cut from magazines to randomly select one and actually get round to baking it. I consulted my stash of cuttings and came up with Dan Lepard's blueberry almond bars.

It turns out that the vast majority of my cut out recipes are actually Dan Lepard's, taken from the Guardian magazine, and yet this is the first of his recipes that I have actually tried. The recipe is published on the Guardian web site, dated July 2009, an indicator of how long I have been adding to the mounting pile of cuttings on the kitchen shelf. They have been sitting squeezed between the icing sugar and pasta twists, awaiting my attention, for some time now. So thank you Dom, for the kick up the bum. Here are my blueberry almond bars, and very tasty they were too!

Of course the success of this recipe will only encourage me to collect more Dan Lepard recipes from the Guardian. I might have to make more space on the shelf.


  1. ooh, they look very scrummy... I always look at Dan's stuff in the magazine and drool over it, so I can understand why you keep his stuff. Thanks so much for taking part x

  2. linked over from dom's, these look sooo delicious!