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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Cartier Watch Cake and Some Monster Fun

I was asked to make a Cartier watch cake for a lady who has recently moved from Ealing to Geneva. She popped back last weekend to celebrate her 40th birthday with friends and family, and wanted the cake in lieu of the real thing. This was a bit of a fiddly one, particularly the Roman numerals, however it seemed to turn out OK in the end. Anything that was in my dining room last Friday night is now covered in gold sparkles after I got busy with the lustre spray, but luckily my husband doesn't seem to have noticed that his work shoes twinkle when he walks.

The other cake from last weekend was great fun to make, as I got to make lots of sugarpaste monsters. I would love to do another version of this, maybe trying out some other colours or some new monster characters.


  1. Wow...that watch cake is fab...the numerals are great too! What colour was the paste before you sprayed it gold? Also how did you mark on the rectangle inside...is it edible pen?

  2. Thanks Laura. The paste was brown. That seems to take the silver and gold spray colour very well. Yes, I used an edible pen for the rectangle.