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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Forever Nigella #14 - Springtime

I am delighted to be hosting this month's Forever Nigella for the lovely Sarah of Maison Cupcake. In honour of the glorious weather we have been enjoying in recent weeks the theme this month is Springtime. Time to get your Nigella books out and look for something bright and sunny, or perhaps a dish to celebrate Easter which is almost upon us already.

I had a flick through the Easter section of Feast for my own entry, and was drawn to Nigella's recipe for passionfruit curd. She uses it in place of lemon curd in her delicious lemon meringue cake, for an Easter treat, but also recommends it as a filling for a Victoria sandwich. I decided to make some mini Victoria sandwiches filled with fresh cream and passionfruit curd.

I often make Nigella's lemon curd as a way of using up egg yolks leftover from making macarons, and sometimes fill the macarons with it too. Passionfruit curd is just as delicious and smells gorgeous as well. It reminds me of an Exotic Fruits Solero, which is very apt for this challenge as ice cream sales in our corner shop have rocketed with the recent arrival of spring.

I baked Nigella's Victoria sandwich, and cut out four mini sponges.The scraps didn't go to waste but were cut into small pieces and covered in jam and coconut for my children and their friends to eat at a garden picnic. 

To enter this month's Forever Nigella, prepare and blog one of Nigella's recipes, relevant to the theme of Springtime, then send the link to me. I will post a round up of all the entries on 1st May.

The rules are as follows:

1. Blog your entry by 28th of the month showing:
a) the current Forever Nigella badge
b) a link to this announcement post
c) a link to the Forever Nigella page at Maison Cupcake:
n.b. posts must have been published since the announcement post. Archived posts need to be re-published afresh if you wish to submit.

2. Remember copyright.
You must NOT reproduce Nigella’s recipes verbatim. Tell us which book it is from and/or link to it online. If you’ve adapted the recipe in some way i.e. changed at least two ingredients or amended the method then it’s ok to publish the a recipe in your post but you MUST write directions in your own words.

3. Submit your post
Email me the link to your post (vanillafrostcakes AT gmail DOT com), copying in Sarah (sarah AT maisoncupcake DOT com).

You can also tweet your post quoting #forevernigella. I am on @Vanilla_Frost and will retweet any that I see. You will find Sarah at @MaisonCupcake.

I can't wait to see all your entries!


  1. Mmm that curd looks glorious, I think this sums up spring beautifully! Thanks for hosting this month's Forever Nigella and I look forward to getting lots of spring like entries!

  2. The passion fruit curd with the Victoria sandwiches look fantastic. I need to get cooking/baking now with my entry! :)

  3. Nice cakes and I'm so glad you showed what you did with the left over bits, I hate to see cake wasted!!!

  4. Oh those cakes look scrummy. I made some passionfruit curd last month specifically to go in a Victoria sandwich but it was so delicious I couldn't bear to put it in a cake. I am planning on making some again as soon as I can get hold of some more passionfruit.

  5. Mmmm love the idea of passionfruit in a Victoria sponge. Yum!

  6. Thanks for hosting! Just emailed you my submission :-)