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Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Bunting Birthday Cake

We love a bit of bunting around here. My daughter Evie asks for it at the slightest whiff of a get together. We had bunting in abundance for our recent tea party, including Mum's Cornish flag bunting which left the West Londoners a little perplexed. Thus I was very pleased when Evie's friend Eden asked for bunting on her birthday cake a couple of weeks ago. Her original request had been for a Strictly Come Dancing cake complete with Harry and Aliona strutting their stuff. I managed to persuade her to set her sights a little lower and we sat down together to design an alternative. This is what we came up with.

I am making a Jubilee version of this in a couple of weeks, which I am very excited about. Maybe I should get out more! Happy birthday lovely Eden x


  1. The flowers sitting on top are so lovely! I love the colour scheme too. So original!

    xx Maria

  2. The cake is brilliant, I love the bunting :-) I really want to make a cake with bunting. Did you attach with royal icing? I'm a bit scared of royal icing and I've stayed away so far! xx

    1. I piped a line of royal icing to make sure the flags were all in the correct place, and then stuck them on top.

  3. Eden says ..... it was so yummy and I love the roses best. Mummy loved it and ate lots!

  4. It's lovely Lucy, fab bunting! I'd have loved to have seen a Harry and Aliona cake though! x