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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilee Baking

Apparently there are 86 street parties taking place in Ealing this weekend. I'm afraid that I am no royalist, but I do like a good party. We are going away tomorrow for a big family celebration as my mother-in-law has just turned 70. Were it not for that I would be baking up a storm and seeking out one of the Ealing parties. Strangely I don't really remember the Golden Jubilee, but I do have a very vague memory of the Silver Jubilee, perhaps reinforced by this photo I rediscovered the other day. My mum used to put quite a bit of effort into fancy dress costumes!

I haven't missed out on Jubilee baking altogether as I was asked to make a Jubilee themed birthday cake for a little girl turning three this weekend (who just happens to have a suitably regal name).

This gave me the perfect opportunity to submit an entry to Homemade by Fleur's Blogging Jubilee Baking Competition, sponsored by Appliances Online. It sounds as though this has been a popular blog event and Fleur will have lots of fantastic goodies to show you when she does her round up in a few days.

It was still very hot in London when I made the tiara, and I was a bit nervous that it would flop. I built it around a tin of Bird's custard powder, which is just the right size and shape for a cake-topping crown. Luckily the heat did not get the better of me and there was no flopping.

I am also sending my Jubilee cupcakes over to Fleur for her lovely competition. I made 75 of these yesterday for a big BBQ taking place by the river. It's been fun, but that's my Jubilee baking done now as I'm off to Italy tomorrow to eat bucket loads of ice cream instead. Have a fun weekend everyone.


  1. What a cute picture of you at the top. So sweet that your Mum liked making costumes. She must have passed her creative side on to you because your jubilee cake is adorable. The cown is the perfect topper and the bunting is very British. Thanks so much for entering my bloggers Jubilee competition.

  2. What a fabulous cake and cupcakes...suitably patriotic!!! I love the tiara...did you make one of these before and is it just sugarpaste with CMC? :-)

    1. I did make one before, and yes it's sugarpaste and CMC. Takes a few days to dry out.