home made cakes for special days and elevenses

Friday, 24 February 2012

French Fancies

I'm having a vintage tea party phase at the moment. I've got my mum rummaging through Cornish charity shops and car boot sales looking for pretty vintage crockery. I never seem to find any good stuff in London, and she picks up some great pieces at bargain prices. I'm also trying out some 'vintage style' cakes, and this week's effort was French fancies. I must admit that I'm not a huge fan of these (too much icing for me), but the kids absolutely love them, and my home made version was a bit hit. They look great on my new 'Tree of Kashmir' plate (thanks Ma!).

A good old fashioned battenburg next I think, or maybe a a bakewell tart.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Coffee and Walnut Mini Cakes

I have been experimenting a bit this week, with some new ideas. I still have madelines and French fancies to try but can now cross 'mini cakes' off my list. I have seen some beautiful pictures of mini cakes recently and really fancied making a few of my own. An order for a coffee and walnut cake this week gave me the perfect excuse to do so. I made an extra layer of sponge and used a high sided 6cm cutter to cut four rounds of cake. This was enough to make two mini cakes, sandwiched together with coffee buttercream. I then covered these with chocolate flavour sugarpaste, and made some pretty pink flowers for the tops.

The cakes looked pretty with the plain sides, but even better with some piped chocolate buttercream.

It's a lot of work for a little cake, but they do look rather sweet. They seem popular for weddings at the moment, though I'm not really sure how they would be served. They are too big for one person, but perhaps just right for two. I will definitely be making some more, as there is lots of scope for decoration here.  I might even try my hand at cake painting with some of these.

French fancies next I think.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Cake Pops

Lots and lots of chocolate! My favourite kind of cake. This is a chocolate sponge layer cake filled with chocolate buttercream, covered in chocolate ganache and topped off with three chocolate cake pops and a few chocolate sprinkles. Choctastic. Unfortunately it wasn't for me so I couldn't cut the cake to take a picture of the inside. Maybe next time.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Jungle Animals Birthday Cake

Another Friday night spent playing with sugarpaste. This time I was working on a jungle cake for a first birthday. Now I know that some of these animals are actually found in savannah grasslands and not in jungles, and I must admit that this did bother me a little, but I decided that a little artistic licence was in order to achieve the best results.