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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Waybuloo and Moshi Monsters - Birthday Cakes

Once again, I have fallen behind with my blog posts. I have a few things to show you, starting with another visit to the land of Nara, home to the Piplings. Last time it was Waybuloo cupcakes, but a couple of weeks ago I made a first birthday cake for a Waybuloo fan.

Another recent character cake was my first encounter with Moshi Monsters. This was for one of my daughter's best friends, and seems to have fed their growing obsession with the latest craze at school. I now know that these three Moshlings are called Poppet, Katzuma and White Fang. I also know that they are fiddly little things to make from sugarpaste. Still, it was fun to make and we were all pleased with the cake. Happy birthday Lily x