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Monday, 21 January 2013

Octonauts Birthday Cake Revisited

I know I have posted pictures of my Octonauts cakes before, but I have just been sent some new photos by a lovely customer and wanted to show them off. Rebecca's photographs are so much better than mine, and I love the one of her little daughter blowing out her candles.


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Wedding Cake for my Baby Brother

Happy New Year to all Vanilla Frost readers! So sorry for the delay, things have gone a little awry in the last couple of weeks. We returned from a lovely Chritsmas in Cornwall to find that the builders had completely flooded our house and we were temporarily homeless. It is not sorted yet, but with the help of some lovely friends and family we have been muddling through. Thankfully the kitchen was one of only two rooms in the house not to be damaged by the water and so baking can continue!
In recent years we have stayed in London for the Christmas period, but as my little brother was getting married in Cornwall we headed home for the holidays. We were not without water in Cornwall either and had to get through some very large puddles to reach our holiday house in Port Isaac. We had large numbers of family come to visit us on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, which was great fun, and two days later was the wedding. I managed to find time in between all the get togethers to make Sam and Nic's wedding cake. Luckily they wanted something simple, although the handmade roses did prove something of a challenge in the very damp atmosphere that prevailed almost everywhere we went.


My seven year old daughter took this second photograph, and many more besides! She also made a beautiful bridesmaid, and her brother was a very handsome little pageboy.

Happy memories of a lovely day.