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Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Cheesecake with Ginger and Cranberry

If, like me, you still haven't decided on your Christmas Day dessert then you might want to take a look at my Christmas cheesecake. This was one of the recipes that I recently developed for the Good Food Channel website, and I have made it several times since. In fact I have eaten so much of it lately that I think I fancy a change for Christmas Day!

This is a baked cheesecake with a lovely smooth texture on a ginger biscuit base. The cheesecake has some finely chopped glace ginger pieces sitting on top of the base, and some dried ginger to give it some extra flavour. A tangy cranberry and brandy coulis layer on top provides a lovely contrast to the rich, creamy cheesecake.

Photograph by Sharron Gibson, The Image Garden

Visit the Good Food Channel website to see the recipe in full.

Doc McStuffins Cupcakes

More and more frequently I am being asked to make cakes featuring popular children's characters that I have never heard of. This is a sure sign that my own children are growing up fast. No longer interested in CBeebies, they would much rather watch Strictly and Match of the Day. So when a friend asked me to make Doc McStuffins cupcakes for her daughter's birthday I had to do some research of my own.  Happy birthday Sophie, I hope you enjoyed sharing them with your friends!