home made cakes for special days and elevenses

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

'Pom Pom is Super' - a cake to celebrate publication day

Pom Pom the panda is a gorgeous character created by the very talented Sophy Henn. She writes and illustrates beautiful books for pre-school children, published by Puffin Books. Last week the latest Pom Pom book was published, and I made a cake for Sophy and Penguin to celebrate.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Bollywood First Birthday Cake

This weekend I made a very special birthday cake for a little boy celebrating his first birthday. His mum had designed some beautiful party invites in rich, Bollywood style colours, and wanted these to be used on the cake as well. She also asked if I could model some of her son's favourite toys, and sit them in a little hamper, to look like his toy basket at home. One toy in particular, Cassie the Cat, was very important to him, as it had been given to him when he was very poorly. Therefore, Cassie got to sit in the middle, in charge of all the other toys.

I also made some iced cookies to match the cake, using the same lovely colours, and some piped royal icing patterns, painted gold.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A Naked Cake for a Sunny Ealing Wedding

A couple of weeks ago we were bathed in glorious sunshine here in West London, though it seems hard to believe now. It was on a lovely Saturday afternoon that I went to the Duke of Kent pub to set up a big naked cake for a wedding party.

As the reception was in the garden we had to be a bit careful about keeping the cake out of the heat of the sun, so it was set up quite late in the day, when the reception was in full swing. This meant that all the wedding guests were watching me work, and several were taking pictures. This was the first time I had worked under such scrutiny, but everyone was very complimentary and so I didn't feel the pressure too much, especially with such a lovely atmosphere. There were a few little girls in their very best dresses, all dying to know when they would be allowed to eat the cake, but being very patient. I gather there wasn't much cake left at the end, so I think everyone got stuck in.