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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Malteser Cake - Evie's Birthday Part 1

My daughter turned six on Sunday, and though her party is not until next weekend, we could not let the day go by without celebrating. Once swimming lessons and lunch were out of the way we hit the disco, hosted by Dusty, a giant dog.

Once we had exhausted our moves we headed home for a birthday tea with the kids' cousins. This, of course, required a cake. I wanted to keep it simple as the 'real' cake is for next weekend, so we opted for a marble cake covered in Maltesters and Chocolate Fingers. Evie did a lot of the baking herself and was very pleased with the marble effect produced by her 'blobbing'. As far as I could tell there weren't even any bits of eggshell in there. Good work Evie.

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